Buffalo 5 Cup Selection Cooker

Buffalo Selection Multi Function Cooker
- Patented Buffalo Clad is Non-toxic for Healthy Cooking
- Ordinary pots use attached base plates that result in uneven heating and hard to clean surfaces. Only patented Buffalo unit-body construction gives you even heating and superior heat conduction for great tasting rice.
- The Buffalo Classic rice cooker integrates a temperature sensitive lid and super conductive buffalo clad pot, so you can cooker fluffy rice every time.

Cookers Features
1. 5 Cup Capacity
2. White Rice
3. Brown Rice
4. Congee
5. Removable Steam Vent for Easy Cleaning
6. Detachable inner lid for easy cleaning
7. Convenient handle
8. Easy to use smart control
Inner Pot Features
1. Easy to Clean
2. Multi layer Sealed Construction
3. No unhealthy Chemical Coating
4. Scratch Resistant
5. No negative Food Reaction


- 1 Year Limited Warranty

- 3 Years Limited Warranty on the inner pot

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