Buffalo Simplex Series S/S Pot 9.5 Inch (ATS224H)

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Buffalo Simplex Series S/S Pot 9.5 Inch (ATS224H)
Buffalo Simplex Series S/S Pot 9.5 Inch (ATS224H)
Buffalo Simplex Series S/S Pot 9.5 Inch (ATS224H)
Buffalo Simplex Series S/S Pot 9.5 Inch (ATS224H)

Buffalo Simplex Series S/S Pot 9.5 Inch (ATS224H)

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  • Space Tech Grade Stainless Steel    
  • No Chemical Coating
  • Anti-Rust + Anti Corrosion
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Buffalo Clad features excellent heat preservation, efficient heat retention and water-sealed pot edge. Low temperature cooking with low heat is an added plus. The moisture and nutrients in food ingredients will be locked and retained. There will be zero damage by over cooking and thus the original flavor in the ingredients does not fade.

  • The pot is made of high-quality SUS-304 stainless steel. The outer layer is made of refined 304 stainless steel, wear-resistant, durable and scratch-free. The interlayer is made of high-efficiency thermally conductive aluminum, uncoated, easy to clean, and able to conduct heat quickly to uniform temperature.
  • The pot body is 2.3mm thick with even heat conduction, great heat retention effect and fast cooking.
  • Exclusive water seal design. Cooking with moisture in ingredients, Buffalo Clad Pot is designed to retain the original freshness and sweetness of all ingredients. Not only there is no nutrition loss, but also completely oil-free, low fat. Healthy cooking with no diet concern at all. With these features, you will be able to cook the perfect chicken soup stew or green vegetables without adding water so that nutrients are locked to the greatest extent.
  • Safe handle design: hollow-structured technology will not only ensure heat insulation but also keep the handle at low temperature for burn prevention.
  • High-tech spot-welding technology: handle will not break or fall off. Rivets do not pick up food residue and can be cleaned easily.
  • Edge-cut design on the edge: easy to pour liquid without leakage.
  • Suitable for all kinds of stoves: gas stove/induction stove/electric stove/ceramic stove.


      Brand Buffalo
      Series Simplex
      Color Stainless Steel
      24 CM / 9.5 IN
      Net Weight (Lbs.)
      Gross Weight (Lbs.) 
      Country/Region of Origin China
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