Free Series 22 cm Pot

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Want to make your kitchen a little more special? Fashionable cookware design gives a colorful twist to an ordinary kitchen. This light weight pot is designed for everyday use. The convenient breathing ventilator prevents soup or any liquid contents from overflowing and creating a mess. It's a great choice for novices in the kitchen looking for a simple, hassle free cooking experience.

1. Optional color handles, adding life to your kitchen.

2. Air ventilator on the lid A breathable air ventilator on the lid prevents soup from leaking or water from splattering

3. One-piece construction that’s easy to clean. No more worrying about accidental injuries to loved ones from handles falling off. Our one-piece construction from pot to handles makes it the safest product on the market. There are no blind spots, nothing will ever come loose, and it’s easy to clean, leaving no dirty residue buildup.

4. Polished wear-resistant surface. Our exclusively polished cookware surface is very durable that and withstands everyday wear and tear. Easy to clean and remain looking shiny and new. The pot will not stain or discolor from use, making cleaning a breeze and painful wrists and hands a thing of the past!

5. Pure water cleaning. Buffalo’s 5-step pure water cleaning process eliminates all oily residues and the need to sterilize new cookware before first use. This lets you cook with peace of mind and eat healthily.

Buffalo Steel is the most healthy
Better heat conduction, lighter in weight, innovative “Thickness Varied” design, and a perfect thickness of 3.2mm, Buffalo is 25% lighter than traditional 5-ply cookware and yet 30% more efficient in heat conduction. Whether you stir fry, boil, pan fry or deep fry, low heat achieves high temperature, significantly reducing smoke and saving energy.

1. No chemical coating applied, use with peace of mind
2. Manufactured with the highest quality steel, special manufacturing process, absolutely no harmful materials used.
3. Non-stick, stir fry made easy
4. Unique physical non-stick technology, makes frying fish or eggs easy!
5. Conducts heat quickly, saves energy and money
6. Heat radiates evenly and efficiency making the entire pot hot quickly. High heat conductivity technology saves money and energy.

  • Cooking Surface: Gas stove, electric stove, induction cooker, oven (Remove plastic handle)
  • Warranty Information: 10 years for parts
  • Dimensions: 10"x7"x12"
  • Country of Origin: Malaysia
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