Buffalo Smart Cooker (6 cups) 2nd Generation White

Buffalo is at it again! After the widely success of the first of its kind Multi Clad S/S smart cooker, Buffalo is proud to introduce its newest member to the Smart Cooker family. Along with its core value of Healthy Quality Kitchenware, Buffalo has redesigned the body entirely along with new functions such as "quick cook" and " Clay pot rice" to meet today's modern rice cooker needs.

Multi- Ply S/S Inner pot eliminates the negative health effects that are often associated with the use of aluminum or coated inner pots. With its easy operation, multifunctional and intelligent design, and its user friendly preset timer functions, this rice cooker is a kitchen appliance that you should not live without. The 10-cup size not only allows you cook rice and porridge, it can also be used to prepare a multitude of dishes such as Chicken curry, stewed meats, Soups and cakes.

Buffalo Inner Pot Special Features:
1. One-piece construction using multilayer steel
2. No chemical coating
3. Won't scratch
4. Won't react with food
5. Heat transfers quickly and evenly

Unimaginable amount of functions, your ultimate do-it-all cookware!

1. Pan fry: Pan frying is no longer limited to pans, simply preheat the inner pot to let heat transfer quickly and evenly to pan fry anything, even pot stickers.

2. Boil: Perfect for making soup or porridge with ease, without water spatter.

3. Stir fry: Unbelievable, the Buffalo Smart Cooker can saute ginger, garlic, onions, and even stir fry dishes. The perfect fryer. You will love it.

4. Steam: The micro-pressure feature of this cooker quickly steams food, which for example includes buns, steamed breads, steamed dumplings, and even the daily detoxifying sweet potato meals. The vent design prevents food from getting wet and sticky.

5. Bake: With the special "cake" function, baking cakes, breads and cookies no longer need a large oven that’s energy consuming and hard to clean. The cooker also makes toast and muffins, making breakfast quick and easy when you are in a hurry.

6. Stew: Stew requires constant attention, but with the Smart Cooker’s "preset" feature, you can come home after a long day at work and enjoy ready cooked stews, effortlessly.

7. Simmer: Soup stocks made from simmering bones and meat are good sources of calcium, and the Buffalo Smart Cooker is perfect for that. Put in the ingredients, set desired cooking time, and the cooker will simmer the soup automatically. Freeze the stock after it is done, and you are ready for convenient, easy to prepare meals anytime.

8. Rise bread: Are you worried about harmful preservatives found in store bought breads? Would you like to make your own? Are you concerned about what to do when you do not have a fermenting environment? Simply put in the bread dough, close the lid, and your multifunctional cooker is the perfect place for the dough to rise.

- Quick Cook: Now you can have fluffy PERFECT! white rice in under 30 mins
- Clay Pot Rice: Enjoy the aromatic taste of Authentic Clay pot rice

•Warranty Information: 3 years electrical warranty, lifetime warranty for the inner pot •Country of Origin: Outer Pot:China/ Inner Pot: Malaysia •Technical Specifications: 600W/120-60Hz

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