Buffalo Stainless Steel Chef Knife

Made with the top-grade knife material in the market --- molybdenum vanadium steel. It's tough, durable, sharp and long-lasting. Juice won't come out when slicing tomatoes, and no more tears when cutting onions. Non-slippery handle design provides the most comfortable handling. It's great for cutting and slicing vegetables, fruit, fish and meat. Cut tomatoes without squashing, cut onions without tears
The ultimate refined Buffalo Mikuriya featured group Tough but resilient, the best knives to showcase your perfect culinary skills!
1.Highest quality steel: Germany imported molybdenum vanadium steel, making the blade strong, durable and extremely sharp.
2.Thoughtful Design: Special two-tone design, non-slip rubber, ergonomically designed knife handle and blade provide maximum control, and ease of cutting.
3.Anti-slip bumps: The 3 raised bumps and full body handle design prevent slipping while providing a secure and comfortable grip.

Cantonese Version Mandarin Version

Sales Dates: 7/18 - 8/11/13 Gift items are limited while supplies last*

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