FREE II MUG 350 cc Purple

Beautiful outer design and state-of-the-art heat retention technology makes the Buffalo Cookware Free II Mug easy and convenient to take around town. It’s lightweight and sized perfectly for soups, hot beverages, and even simmering porridge and eggs.

  • Uni-body construction for the best vacuum seal
  • Double-layered stainless steel uni-body construction with vacuum chamber keeps cold foods cold and hot beverages hot.
  • Guaranteed vacuum heat insulation
  • Extended Time Heat Retention
  • Dual hot and cold function
  • Great simmer function allows you to keep foods hot enough to actually cook inside your mug, saving you time when on the run. Keep soups, beverages, stews, porridge, and even poach eggs hot inside, or keep milk, yogurt, and smoothies cold.
  • Leak-proof lid design with safe and durable seal
  • Stainless Steel Inner Layer
  • The mouth measures 7cm in diameter allowing you to easily pour liquids, or add ice cubes, fruits, and cereals. Easy to clean and leaves no residual residues or odors.
  • Slip proof base to prevent spills and knock overs

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