Smart Pan 28 CM

$239.00 $119.50

The one and only Stainless Steel double sided pan in the market. Smart Pan can Grill, Deep Fry, Bake, Stew, Braise, Steam, Stir fry and more than what you could imagine.


1. Multi-Purpose cooking


2.Greaseless or waterless cooking


3.Healthy cooking


4.Easy to clean


5. Keep your kitchen clean


6.Coating Free


7.100% induction compatible


8.Superior Material = Fast Cooking


9.Durable, Wrap Resistant


10.Value added 3 in 1 cookware


11. Silicon Seal


Buffalo Steel is the most healthy
Better heat conduction, lighter in weight, innovative “Thickness Varied” design, and a perfect thickness of 3.2mm, Buffalo is 25% lighter than traditional 5-ply cookware and yet 30% more efficient in heat conduction. Whether you stir fry, boil, pan fry or deep fry, low heat achieves high temperature, significantly reducing smoke and saving energy. 

1. No chemical coating applied, use with peace of mind
Manufactured with the highest quality steel, special manufacturing process, absolutely no harmful materials used.


2. Non-stick, stir fry made easy
Unique physical non-stick technology, makes frying fish or eggs easy!


3. Conducts heat quickly, saves energy and money


4. Heat radiates evenly and efficiency making the entire pot hot quickly. High heat conductivity technology saves money and energy.

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