Humble Beginnings

Since 1995, our venture in New York began with the sale of various brands of range hoods. However, it didn't take long for us to discern that Pacific Hoods stood out as the singular brand seamlessly blending quality and durability for our clientele. Recognized as a trustworthy choice, Pacific Hoods resonated with our customers, specifically addressing the needs of home cooks.

Presently, Pacific Hoods offers a range of hoods tailored to the distinct requirements of home cooks, whether they specialize in traditional Chinese cuisine or frequently engage in high-heat searing. Crafted in Taiwan, all of Pacific Hoods' range hoods boast top-tier materials and technology. Available for both wholesale and retail, our products are accessible through an established network of authorized dealers spanning the East Coast of the United States.

Beyond range hoods, our selection extends to a thoughtfully curated array of gourmet kitchenware, catering to the contemporary Asian American household. Our commitment to enhancing the cooking experience drives us to consistently seek out and integrate the finest, cutting-edge products into our collection.

Dedicated to delivering superior products and outstanding customer service, our entire team operates within the United States. We deeply appreciate the trust our customers have placed in us throughout the years and remain steadfast in upholding our tradition of excellence. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to collaborate with you, providing exceptional service and innovative products.

Awards and Certifications

  • 1996 ISO 9001 Quality Certification
    1996 ISO 9001 品質認證

  • 1999 Taiwan Excellence Award
    1999 台灣精品獎

  • 2001 SME Innovation Research Award
    2001 中小企創新研究獎

  • 2002 Taiwan Distinguished Product Design Award
    2002 台灣優良設計產品獎

  • 2004 North American Consumer Reports Best Reviewed Range Hood
    2004 北美消費者報導最佳評鑑之排油煙機

  • 2006 The only range hood laboratory in Asia that has obtained dual certifications: U.S.'s UL certification and  Canada's CSA certification.
    2006 全亞洲唯一通過美國 UL 加拿大 CSA雙認證抽油煙機實驗室

  • 2011 American Kitchen Appliance Good Design Award
    2011 美國廚房家電類 Good Design 設計獎

  • 2014 National Design Award
    2014 全國設計大獎

  • 2017 Recipient of the Little Giant Award          
    2017 榮獲小巨人獎殊榮

  • 2018 Recipient of the Economic Department Innovation Award       
    2018 榮獲經濟部創新研究

  • 2018 Recipient of the Industrial Innovation Award
    2018 榮獲產業創新獎獎

  • 2020 Recipient of the 29th National Rock Award
    2020 榮獲第29屆國家磐石獎