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Pacific Hoods Inc
Exceeding Quality Products with Quality Services

About Us:


Pacific Hoods Inc is proud to be the exclusive East Coast distributor of Pacific Range Hoods in the United States for nearly 20 years.

Due to the reputable history and innovation of Pacific Range Hoods, we are confident and honored to share this prestigious brand with our valued consumers.

Today, the manner in which we cook and the appliances we use have vastly changed due to technological advances and manufacturers’ willingness to produce quality products catered to the Modern Asian Kitchen.

In addition to Pacific Range hood Superior exhaust systems, it is our goal to offer other superior products and to match them with exceptional customer service, post sales support, warranties, and safety certifications. How do we know a product is excellent? The majority of our products are used daily at home by our product specialists before they are sold in our stores and online.

We are fully committed to our customers and this is evident in the philosophy we have adopted over the years: "Exceeding Quality Products with Quality Services." 

We hope you have an overall enjoyable experience in the kitchen while using our healthy and reliable kitchenware.


Pacific Range Hoods History:

Since 1975, Pacific Range hoods has dedicated tremendous amount of time and resources in product research and development. Through the years the company has had the opportunity to work with expert engineers and designers to fulfill a dream to design and build a superior exhaust system that will set a new standard for the industry. As a result, Pacific Range hoods is proud to introduce its highly acclaimed lines of kitchen range hood systems.

Despite the company's prior achievement and success, Pacific is determined to accomplish even higher goals and will continue to strive for greater recognition from critics all around the world. In hopes of treasuring our valuable customer relationship which is bound by trust and faith, Pacific Range hoods will carry through its perseverance and never ending dedication to providing unmatched product quality and sincere customer services.



Buffalo Cookware History:

The Buffalo brand was established in 1957. The name came into being because the company founder believed that the skin of a buffalo is the most durable material, just like stainless steel cookware. Furthermore, in the difficult economy back then, the founder, like an unyielding buffalo, still insisted on selling his healthy cookware even if the consumers might not be ready for them immediately. From year 1, the Buffalo family has been proud to adopt the characteristics of the buffalo by being dependable, durable, and dedicated. In the future, Buffalo will continue to build high-quality products for families all over the world. We hope that more people, including you, can enjoy the delicious feasts cooked with Buffalo cookware.

In 1961, a few years after its inception, BUFFALO developed the best stainless steel pressure cooker in Asia, soon followed by the first traditional wok made of stainless steel. In 1980, the first multi-layer cookware was produced and two years later BUFFALO became the first foreign company in Japan to receive the IH. CH. SG certification. In 1982, BUFFALO began production of the first space age composite metal cookware products to enter the marketplace. These and other events in our company’s history have demonstrated how innovative and incredible BUFFALO products are and how the BUFFALO name is synonymous with quality and performance. At BUFFALO, we strive to continue the evolution of cookware and strongly believe that you cannot put a price tag on the health of our consumers. We draw from ideas and concepts rooted in eastern philosophy and create products based on the principle of healthy living and attention to fine quality and detail.

BUFFALO products are available all over the world and combine the wisdom gained from many years of research and innovation, technological advances, and strict product testing from experts to bring you the safest and healthiest cookware available. As time goes on, we will continue to develop and produce stainless steel cookware, kitchenware, and innovative kitchen appliances. BUFFALO invites you to join us, and hopes that you will enjoy a wonderful healthy life cooking with our fine products.

" Exceeding Quality Products with Quality Services."