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Best Ways to Contact Us:

Feel free to send us photos of your kitchen and measurements so we can better assess your needs and help you pick the perfect range hood and accessories for you!

      • Site Messenger - you can reach via Facebook Messenger to let us know your questions and needs.Β  Feel free to leave us a message during off-hours and we will reply in the following business day.
      • Email - you can email us at or fill out the form below.
      • PhoneΒ - our voice number in Brooklyn, NY is 718-633-3688 or you can text us at 833-937-2883.Β  We are open 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM, seven days a week.Β  Alternatively, you can visit our authorized dealersΒ regarding your local installation needs.
    • Social Media - feel free to drop a message on Facebook, Instagram, or even YouTube!Β  Don't forget to like/follow/subscribe!