SC 8830BS

1000 CFM of pure power for high fume cooking!

SC 8130BS

Our most popular steam clean series with a sleek profile.


Industry Best Limited Lifetime Motor Warranty + 10-Year Parts Warranty for Under Cabinet Hoods

Reduced Fumes

Powerful Suction Greatly Reduces Harmful Fumes and Particles From Everyday Cooking


Easy One-Touch Built-In Internal Self Cleaning System - No Tools Needed!

Watch How Our Steam Clean Works!

Pacific Hoods+ Offers Range Hoods Specially Made for High Fume Cooking

You will be able to experience a whole new range hood that is powerful and easy to clean.

Under Cabinet
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Steam Clean Series

Not only are our range hoods stylish, but they are also self-cleaning! Talk about a great helping hand in the kitchen!


Why Pacific Hoods

Our products have been recognized by the International Organization for Standardization for its exceptional manufacturing quality (ISO9001 Certification).

We have been serving our customers since 1975, striving to manufacture the most powerful and stylish range hoods in the industry.

From our customers


Very satisfied with my experience with Pacific Hoods. I purchased a range hood for my kitchen from them a while back and it kept my kitchen smell-free and grease-free...,The customer service was great and I haven't had any issues with my range hood since then.

Qi Tong W.
Brooklyn, NY

The customer service was great and they were very patient on the phone. They were also not pushy in-store about selling the product and genuinely just wanted to showcase that the range hoods work- which it does! The hood has been working wonderfully as advertised.

Lin H.
Brooklyn, NY

Excellent quality and very sleek looking hoods. Delivered and installed 2 hoods locally in NYC the very next day!! Helped clean and clear out a partial nest in the exhaust vent without even asking. Highly recommended!!!

Gower Y.
Queens, NY

Amazing appliance. Quiet when steaming or cooking soup and strong enough when frying and heaving cooking. The hood came with free installation! Can't ask for more. Salesman to service staff were polite and very educated with the product. Answered and assured all my questions. Highly recommended

Dennis T.
Edison, NJ

..Powerful range hood! My house no longer stinks of food! Before changing to Pacific, I had another well known brand. My smoke alarms would go off anytime I cooked and the house always had that slight food odor. I have an open Kitchen/Living room and my AC Split System filters would also have heavy oil build up from cycling the smokey air...

Victor T.
Brooklyn, NY