Relentless Innovation

Since 1975, Pacific Range hoods has dedicated tremendous amount of time and resources in product research and development. Through the years the company has had the opportunity to work with expert engineers and designers in order to fulfill a dream to design and build a superior exhaust system that will set a new standard for the industry. As a result, Pacific Range hoods is proud to introduce its highly acclaimed lines of kitchen range hoods. As the pioneer of Auto Clean technology and now Steam Clean technology, we are constantly challenging ourselves to never before seen technological innovation within a superior exhaust range hood.   

Despite the company’s international recognition, achievement and success, Pacific is determined to accomplish even higher goals. In hopes of treasuring our valuable customer relationship bound by trust and faith, Pacific Range hoods will carry through with its perseverance and never-ending dedication in providing unmatched quality and the sincerest customer services.


Our line of Tru Steam hoods are best in its class with unmatched performance. Simply press one button to activate its internal steam clean feature for easy no fuss maintenance. 

Super Sized Fan & Motor

Do you cook with the front 2 burners the most? Do you want more coverage over your stove? What if we told you we're listening and we've created this model just for you!

Pro Style Baffle Filters

Dishwasher safe filters and powerful suction.

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