New York and New Jersey Range Hood Installation Fee Schedule

2024 (Updated 3/20/2024)

Distance is calculated from the address of Pacific Hoods' Brooklyn showroom (4012 8th Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11232).

We do not offer free basic installation outside of New York City's 4 boroughs (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island).

Please note that we cannot service areas that are over 50 miles from our address.

All AC/SC/PQ models are eligible for FREE installation within NYC boroughs of Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and Manhattan. Please note that we do not provide to any address that is more than 40 miles from our office in Brooklyn to Long Island as well as 50 miles from our office in Brooklyn to New Jersey. All other installation fees in the table include the following:

What's included in the installation fee:
- Tolls;
- Basic materials such as duct, wall cap, tape and acrylic board (up to four openings);
- Removal of old hood (if requested); 
- 30-day installation warranty;
- Professional in-house installers (no third party installers are employed).

Potential Additional Charges:
- Wall mount installation - additional $50 
- Additional opening - $20 each
- Installing range hood under a hood cover - additional $150

Optional add-ons:
- Minor woodwork/cabinet adjustment: N/A
- Removal of custom hood cover: N/A

To determine whether your kitchen's setting is eligible for free installation, feel free to email us photos of your kitchen to

Services we do not provide:
- Alter cabinet size ;
- Install dry wall soffits;
- Create new openings on second floor homes in multi-family houses;
- Run electrical work.

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New York & New Jersey Installation Fee Schedule for Under Cabinet Range Hoods 
(Wall Mount Range Hoods: Additional $50)

New York City*
Miles starting from 4012 8th Avg., Brooklyn, NY if destination is not in New York City
Destination Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island Up to 20 Miles 21-30 Miles 31-40 Miles 41-50 Miles
Free Basic Installation Eligible on all AC, SC, or PQ series range hoods.  Must have existing 6" duct in place.  Remove old range hood with new range hood, no change in duct work. N/A N/A N/A N/A
Basic Installation $200+ $250+ $300+ $350+ $450+
1st Floor New Opening Installation $400+
Brick Home $600+
Brick Home $650+
Brick Home $700+
Brick Home $750+
Brick Home $850+
Windows Installation $450+ $550+ $600+ $650+ $750+
Basement Installation $600+ $650+ $700+ $750+ $850+
Roof Installation $600+ $650+ $700+ $750+ $850+

*Free basic installation is not offered in Bronx or outside of New York City.

Note: Prices are subject to change without notice.