Any distilled water will work. No tap water though. Water that has been
boiled or bottled water would not work either.

This model can be both under cabinet or wall mounted. Brackets are included for wall mount installation.


Short answer is no. This cooker is not "non stick", but it is "stick resistant".

So what does that mean?

Technically speaking, this along with other non-coated inner pots cannot be labeled as "non stick" as the coating is what prevents the food from sticking without the use of oil. However since many non-stick coatings are not durable and full of harmful chemicals, stainless steel interior is the healthier and most durable option. Never peel, never rust and never crack!

Tip: once the rice is fully cooked, please allow the cooker to remain closed for the next 15 mins to allow the rice to finish its carry-over cooking process. This will allow the rice to become less sticky to the pot. Very minimum sticking (stick resistant).

Typical rice cookers apply heat directly from an electrical plate underneath the inner cooking pot, induction-heating rice cookers get their heat from an alternate electric current from the wall outlet. This helps save and reduce energy cost as well as providing more accuracy, allowing for fine-tuned adjustments in temperature.

This cooker can also be used as a portable cooker as you can directly stir fry and sear oh high heat with the lid open!

Our one of a kind patent tri-ply stainless steel inner pot will never peel rust or crack. Limited lifetime warranty on the Buffalo inner pot.


Short answer is no. It is not non stick but rather stick resistant.

The key to minimum sticking when using a high quality stainless steel wok is to pre-heat the wok prior to adding oil. Once the wok is hot enough, you can even fry eggs and fish with extremely minimum sticking.

Buffalo woks will never rust, peel or crack!

Buffalo woks are made with no chemical or any type of coating and made with surgical grade stainless steel. Therefore Buffalo woks will never rust peel or crack.

Yes! You just need to make sure to take off the removable plastic parts prior to placing it in the oven.