Humble Beginnings

We have been selling range hoods in New York since 1995.Β  While we started out selling multiple brands of range hoods, we quickly realized Pacific Hoods was the only brand that combined quality and durability for our customers.Β  Our customers found that Pacific Hoods was a brand that could trust and truly catered to the needs of home cooks. Β 

Today, Pacific Hoods offers range hoods that meet the specific needs of home cooks who enjoy traditional Chinese cooking or high-heat searing regularly.Β  All of Pacific Hoods’ range hoods are made in Taiwan and infused with the highest quality materials and technology. Our range hoods are available for both wholesale and retail purchases.Β  We also have a network of authorized dealers throughout the United States East Coast. Β 

In addition to range hoods, we carefully curate a wide selection of brands of gourmet kitchenware for the modern Asian American home.Β  We are always on the lookout to add the best new and up and coming products on the market to enhance our customers’ cooking experience.Β 

We are committed to providing the highest quality products and excellent customer service.Β  All of our staff are based in the United States.

We appreciate the trust all of our customers have shown us over the years and we strive to continue carry our tradition of excellence.Β  We look forward to working with you and providing you with exceptional service and innovative products.

Awards and Certifications